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#Repost from @atencio (The Brilliant Director for #keyandpeele.  A big sweaty hug and thank you to him, his crew and the beautiful dancers that were “living” and brought me so much joy.)
Day 12 - Key & Peele’s resident choreographer @katmburns and I are the only white people allowed in Negrotown. (at Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch)
Back at it with my favorite fellas. #keyandpeele @jordanpeele @keeganmichaelkey I kicked your juice.

#tbt Dancing on the marble floor in my childhood home. This is also where forced my older siblings to put on shows with me. Today I start choreography for my first equity musical and 3 year old me would think that’s pretty cool // song #papapower by #deadmansbones

I enjoyed getting sweaty with these fine folk. Repost from @davidwain #katburns #choreography
we have completed the fertility dance #anotherperiod
I play a smug pregnant woman in the new @garfunkeloates episode. #ifc #smugography #choreography #katburns
Signing Emmy paperwork with my #jumbostarwarspen @dizzyfeet thank you for hosting! #choreography #ATAS

Flashdance ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!

(Source: youtube.com)

One of us is going to #theemmys the other one is wearing a borrowed outfit.
#BabyWombatsSays @alieward @pftompkins @hardstark
The #dancers who auditioned today made me smile so big that I had to turn my hat around! 👍 #primalscreamthemusical #choreographer  (at Clark Madilyn Professional Rehearsal Studios)